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14 Teams That Must We Play in FIFA 16

EA football game for the new season will be launched later this month. Confused 'Who will I play in FIFA 16? "After such a long time real life you are eliminated from all competitions and only playing for pride? Ben Wilson has the answer ...This week the official release of FIFA 16 football games the most famous on the console Sony and Microsoft - and this increases the game play in midfield, shot and celebration enhancements to improve the previous version. By constantly thinking ab...


All teams and leagues in FIFA 16

The release of FIFA 16 is creeping ever closer. Here are all the teams and leagues that are available in the game.A new vintage of the FIFA series does not usually involve excessive changes concerning new clubs and leagues. Although it occasionally to come or disappear leagues. This year, however, the changes are not too big - a novelty is that Brazilian teams will again be available.EA Sports says that the total is 16 Brazilian clubs that will figure in FIFA 16. The teams will be under the c...


FIFA 16 listen soundtrack of the demo version for free now

Also this year, the menus are accompanied in FIFA 16 from a polyphonic soundtrack. While there is still no official list on the FIFA 16 soundtrack, however, the first songs can already be taken from the demo at this year's football simulation.The official announcement of the entire track list in the FIFA 16 soundtrack follows today, on 10 September.FIFA 16: Soundtrack of the demo version - List of songsAltogether there will be 42 songs in the track list. The first songs that can be heard ...



When hitting Fifa 16? And PES 2016? Here are the details on the output of games and demos to Playstation, Xbox and PC.They approach the release dates of Fifa 16 and PES 2016 for PS4, PS3, Xbox and PC, with the demo of the game Electronic Arts, which very soon will become downloadable and playable all over the world, including Italy. Among the latest are the communication for Fifa 16 of the top 10 top players of the game, but before moving on to the latest news we remember when coming FIFA and...


5 star FIFA 16 Skiller players can all tricks

Already in the past week, EA Sports has released the list of 50 best players on the strength in FIFA 16, now there is also an overview of all the 5-star Skiller the latest football match of the FIFA series. The following players are to perform even the most complicated tricks in the game can.So you can get your opponent to pass not only with targeted passports, but leave speechless with sophisticated dribbling, skillful feints and complex tricks.FIFA 16: List of 5-star SkillerOnly the players...


This is the best men's players in FIFA 16

This is the best men's players in FIFA 16Soon it is time again for the next part of one of the world's biggest franchises - FIFA. During our charge, we have managed to sniff out some more detailed statistics concerning Mr. players in FIFA 16, more specifically, their skill level.Here you have the top 10:Lionel Messi (94) (+1 OVR)Cristiano Ronaldo (93) (+1 OVR)Luis Suarez (90) (+1 OVR)Manuel Neuer (90)Arjen Robben (90)Eden Hazard (89) (+1 OVR)Zlatan Ibrahimovic (89) (-1 OVR)Neimar JR. ...



This is an appointment now usual pre-season: EA Sports has just completed the list of 50 players rated in FIFA 16, history to assess the forces to eventually choose his future team "of heart ", but above all to stimulate discussion around a good shisha.In detail, it appears that the two aliens Messi and Ronaldo should once again bend the allegedly reinforced defenses of this new version, one with a medium that put them out of reach of competition; the little game of the duel is once...


FIFA 16 the top 10 best players

If FIFA 16 is officially released on September 24, the new version is revealed gradually. This Friday, EA Sports has revealed the names and marks of the ten best players in this edition!Only four days to wait before the release of the long awaited playable demo of FIFA 16. You are now obviously prancing with impatience at the idea of ??finally being able to use your thumbs on the next installment of the most famous simulation games football. So to help you wait until Tuesday, Foot Mercato off...


FIFA 16 PC Demo probably early September

In Internet circulates an advertising banner that points to an early demo for FIFA Release 16th Presumably it is on 8 or 9 September 2015 in so far as. Among other things, then probably Borussia Dortmund playable.A kursierendes the internet image indicated the upcoming release of a demo version of the upcoming football simulation FIFA 16th The face-off version will therefore appear on 8 or 9 September 2015 for the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, the PC, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation. 3Last year, ...


FIFA 16 on mobile platforms

One of the world's most popular football game FIFA 16 has been moved to the mobile platform.Successful football game developed by EA Sports FIFA series of new, was brought to the location for the downloaded iOS platform devices with the system in Canada.Developed by EA Sports soccer game FIFA 16 new members of the FIFA series in Canada with the iOS operating system available as downloadable mobile platforms. Not only is this special status in Canada, it does not apply to other regions.Cha...



The elite of world football will be held soon in FIFA 16. What, however, the ten best players in the game? Which appears in the first place? Reply through this new Top 10 exclusive!As was the case with previous games in the series, the new episode of the series FIFA prepares his arrival with great fanfare and on all fronts at the moment. A broad communication campaign is carried out by Electronic Arts to promote the release of his closest foal. It is obvious, the title is extremely waited ......



May you FUT? This is by no means for Schweinkram but for FIFA Ultimate Team. If your answer was "yes!" Loud, we have good news. At the Gamescom was added at EA Sports announced that this mode not only remains included in FIFA 16, but will be expanded to a feature.More specifically, a further sub-mode to listen Draft on the beautiful name FUT. This is a particularly exciting variant in which especially your decisions will be in the team line-up of game crucial. But that's not all...