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5 star FIFA 16 Skiller players can all tricks

Sep 07 2015

Already in the past week, EA Sports has released the list of 50 best players on the strength in FIFA 16, now there is also an overview of all the 5-star Skiller the latest football match of the FIFA series. The following players are to perform even the most complicated tricks in the game can.

So you can get your opponent to pass not only with targeted passports, but leave speechless with sophisticated dribbling, skillful feints and complex tricks.

FIFA 16: List of 5-star Skiller

Only the players that have a 5-star safety rating in the skill moves, the most difficult tricks and dribbling combinations can be carried out on the court. Fifa Rail shows up in the video tutorial on how you can conjure up the tricks with the controller:

The 5-star Skiller in FIFA 16 are not only to opponents to go fast and surprisingly out of the way. Do you prefer one of the following players from the following list of a golden pack in Ultimate Team, you can these usually sell for a high price on the transfer market - or, of course, keep in your own team, and then to execute precise moves on the pitch , which are not possible for others kicker.

FIFA 16: 5-star Skiller - these players can all tricks

Among the top performers of the ball 5-star Skiller will find not only the usual suspects of world football, but numerous players with 70-rating. When setting up the team in career mode or Ultimate Team mode you can just make a balanced mix of superstars and tricksters on the square.

After EA Sports has first integrated women's teams in the football simulation, there are also at least two women, with which you can perform complex tricks on the controller on the PS3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. FIFA 16 will be released on 24 September already this week you can in the FIFA 16 demo to go hunting for goals.

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