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Sep 07 2015

When hitting Fifa 16? And PES 2016? Here are the details on the output of games and demos to Playstation, Xbox and PC.

They approach the release dates of Fifa 16 and PES 2016 for PS4, PS3, Xbox and PC, with the demo of the game Electronic Arts, which very soon will become downloadable and playable all over the world, including Italy. Among the latest are the communication for Fifa 16 of the top 10 top players of the game, but before moving on to the latest news we remember when coming FIFA and PES 2016 when it comes out.

When will FIFA 16, PES 2016 release, demo release and supported platforms (Playstation, Xbox, PC)
Recall that the release of FIFA 16 in Italy is waiting for Thursday, September 24, 2015, while the great rival Konami, PES 2016 will be released a week earlier, on September 17 next (there are now only about ten days). As for the demo of Fifa 16 and PES, the latter it is well-known by now as a first test version has already been released, while the game weblog Electronic Arts playable demo will come in very little: the time window to keep in mind Italy to continue to download runs from tomorrow September 8 to September 10 next.

Supported platforms for Fifa 16 demo included, are Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Similarly PES 2016 will be available for PS4, PS3, PC, Xbox One and 360. The resolution of the game on the Playstation 4 will be 1920x1080 and 1360x1080 on Xbox One, while the older generation of consoles will be the resolution of 1280x720.

News Fifa 16 and PES 2016, the latest on the two games coming out in September 2015
It is reported the list of the top ten players in the new edition of Fifa. First - guess what '? - There is Lionel Messi, with a score of 94, closely followed by Cristiano Ronaldo with 93. Following Suarez, Neuer, Robben and Hazard. After the inevitable Ibrahimovic have Neymar, Thiago Silva and David Silva.

Among the innovations we have the trailer for PES 2016 dedicated to myClub, what is now the main mode of the game for fans of the Konami series, which this year looks really big sweep.

Finally, remember to all fans the opportunity to book PES 2016 and FIFA before they leave on several online store enjoying benefits such as the guaranteed minimum price and special features. In particular, we note that some days you can book the Limited Edition 20th Anniversary of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 for the PS4. Here is what are the special features of the special edition:

1 Player (permantente): Neymar Jr.
1 Player UEFA Team of the Year 2014
10,000 GP x 20 weeks
20 Items Recovery
5 Contracts Players
1000 coins myClub

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